22 yrs old. Art minor. I like vintage decor, making intricate things to give to people, cut paper and natural art. This blog consists of all the hippie, vintage awesome objects and images I find on the internet. I'm moving at some point so if you're looking to redecorate there will be a lot of design images that may give you some ideas. Hopefully I'll also get around to doing some sketches and posting them.

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Now, where can I get some dentures?

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i bet the hippiest hippies that ever hipped live here. 

i bet the hippiest hippies that ever hipped live here. 

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DIY Stringgardens

Check out the Tutorial HERE: http://www.designsponge.com/2011/04/diy-project-kokedama-string-garden.html

or just buy this one at www.stringgardens.com

photocredit - stringgardens

When I think of clutter I imagine knick-knacks. But the truth is that knick-knacks are the most benign form of clutter. They sit on a shelf and collect dust, but they do little to complicate our daily lives.

We need to dig deeper for a truer definition of clutter.

Clutter is the stuff that is keeping our homes from being what we need them to be. Clutter is too much and too many. Too many toys. Too many clothes. Too many things to do on a Saturday morning.

Clutter complicates life without adding anything to it.
Clutter is the meaningless getting in the way of the meaningful.

I’m trying to motivate myself to get packing for my new apartment through reading organization and design blogs. The spoils of said blogs are soon to come.

I only have a week and a half left to be packed. My current place looks like the depression train wreck monster had a kick ass party with all his super awesome bro friends, threw up, passed out, and then stumbled out in a drunken stupor. So yeah, I might have a teeny bit of cleaning up to do as well.